From David France's Welcome to Chechnya

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From Kon Ichikawa's 'Tokyo Olympiad.' Courtesy of The Criterion Collection

Summer 2020

The Summer 2020 issue continues on the COVID-19 theme, with dispatches from the UK—from the perspectives of both commissioning editors and filmmakers—and a look at how the festival circuit, sales and distribution are evolving as we face the fourth quarter of 2020 and the dawn of 2021. We also launch two new columns—Shooting Scenarios and Cutting Class.  Finally, check out some of the latest offerings from the Documentary Magazine Editorial Fellows.


  • The Virtual Festival Circuit: Filmmakers Reflect on The COVID Months

    After completing the second of what would be four...
  • Documenting the Undocumentable: China's Re-Education Camps

    During this unprecedented period of the...
  • Man wearing mask

    COVID Productions in the UK

    Britain’s public service broadcaster Channel 4...
  • Dispatch from the UK: How TV Execs Are Handling the Pandemic

    With a nation in lockdown, documentaries in every...
  • Group of people in white robes on a cliff overlooking the ocean

    Pa' Encima: Documentary Filmmaking En La Isla de Puerto Rico

    Read in Spanish Part 1: La Isla Before Maria “...
  • Making Disability Aesthetics Thrive: Creating Access and Eliminating Barriers

    Since childhood I’ve known and appreciated...