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The 1989 IDA Documentary Awards Winter 1990

We honor the finalists and winners of the 5th Annual IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards.

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  • An image of documentary filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau, an older white man with short gray hair, standing in front of a yellow submarine.

    An Interview With Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau, best known as the man who...
  • Twins

    Trumpet-Tongued Against the Deep Damnation: Jean-Pierre Gorin and his films

    Jean-Pierre Gorin believes that "there is only...
  • Michael's Big Adventure: David Ehrenstein and Bill Reed on 'Roger and Me'

    by David Ehrenstein and Bill Reed The opening of...
  • South Africa's Media War: From the Student's Revolt to Mapantsula

    The lifting of certain restrictions in South...