February 12, 2021

IDA Announces Member Benefits with Archive Valley

Background photo of row of VHS tapes from Unsplash.

We’re excited to announce a new, exclusive partnership with Archive Valley starting this month! Archive Valley is an online platform that provides documentary filmmakers with one-of-a-kind access to archival footage from all over the world.

Through this partnership, Archive Valley will offer non-associate level members exclusive access to: 

  • A 15% discount on an Archive Valley Premium Membership 
  • A 15% discount on your first Archive Valley Archival Productions service
  • A 15% discount to an online Archive Valley Masterclass
  • A direct point-of-contact at Archive Valley for online assistance
  • Access to industry webinars and replays

At a time when documentaries are reaching both a global and broad audience, we are thrilled to offer IDA members exclusive benefits for you to find unique archival material from a variety of sources from around the world.

If you aren't an IDA member yet, this is the perfect time to join the IDA family and enjoy these new benefits.

Below you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you in accessing your new Archive Valley member-exclusive benefits, as well as how to get in touch with Archive Valley’s IDA Member Liaison, Camille Chavanne. Camille has deep experience in archival research and has been part of Archive Valley’s core team since its early days.


I’m an IDA member. How do I access this benefit?

If you're already a member and would like to utilize these new benefits, please email membership@documentary.org with the subject line “Archive Valley Member Benefit Inquiry.”

Once our membership manager confirms your membership, we will connect you with Camille at Archive Valley to retrieve your discount to add for online payment. 

What information should I prepare when reaching out to Archive Valley? How do I know when I’m ready to reach out to them?

Once you’re in development, production or post-production phases and have archival needs, you can reach out to Archive Valley to formulate and send your footage requests, hire an archive researcher, or ask for archival production service. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning how to conduct your own archival research, you can sign up for the Archive Valley Masterclass.

You can learn more about each of these services by reading this FAQ further.

What is the difference between Premium and Freemium membership? How much does Premium membership cost? 

Freemium membership allows you to submit your footage wishlist for free to an international network of 50 archival providers. Premium membership provides you with access to an international community of archive researchers from 85 countries to directly connect with for more in-depth projects. You can learn more about each of these services by reading this FAQ further.

Please note, the Archive Valley membership fee is in Euros, and exchange rates may vary. 

How do I request archive footage? 

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to an online form to submit your footage wishlist for free using the Archive Valley Footage Request form. In the form, you’ll be able to request the specific footage you are looking to find. Once you submit, your request will reach a wide variety of local archive sources from around the world, ranging from TV broadcasters to amateur film collectors, optimizing your chances of a match. You’ll also have access to a personal dashboard, where you will be notified when any sources deliver footage from your request. 

If you’re satisfied with their delivery, you can then directly chat or communicate with the sources to find out more about licensing deals and prices. Archive sources provide their own pricing, and pricing negotiations are between you and the archive sources directly. While Archive Valley cannot provide discounts on these, they are available to advise on best practices, if needed.

Sign up here.

How do I find an archive researcher for my project?

If you are interested in connecting with an archive researcher, choose the Premium plan to gain direct access to 500+ profiles of archive researchers across 85 countries. Each of the archive researchers within our community has been vetted to assure you will receive the highest professional standards. You can filter archive researchers by country or ask Archive Valley for specific recommendations. You can then connect with a researcher to discuss your project and, if it’s a match, hire the researcher directly for your research mission. Pricing is negotiated directly between you and the archive researcher. 

Premium Membership, see pricing here.

Are there any limits and restrictions for the collection for me as an IDA member?

Archive Valley is constantly growing its archive sources partnership network. There is no limitation on how often you can utilize its services. 

Can Archive Valley handle all the archive research for me?

To help offload archival work from your production team, Archive Valley offers Archive Production service, which helps to streamline the archive research process. You’ll still benefit from their international network of archive experts, but will be assigned a project manager at Archive Valley to supervise and centralize all services for you, from sourcing footage to master delivery, all within your timeline and budget. 

Archive Production service is available by quote only. Contact membership@documentary.org to be forwarded to the Archive Valley team. 

I’m interested in learning more about conducting archive research myself. Can Archive Valley help with that? 

Archive Valley offers a 3-week online masterclass to learn the best practices in archival research, from sourcing meaningful material to clearing rights. It includes 50 video modules and 3 live-sessions with top archive producers. You do not need to have any level of expertise to join the course, just a strong desire to learn how to conduct archive research.

Find more details and pricing on the Archive Valley website. Learn more about their upcoming Masterclasses and pre-register for the next session by emailing  membership@documentary.org.

Where can I find information about Archive Valley’s webinars? 

By signing up for free on Archive Valley, you will receive their newsletter, which is the best channel of information for recorded webinars.