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“Immortalized in Vinyl” The Story of Tower of Power

Darren Shepherd
Stephen Nemeth

This incredible documentary will tell the story of the legendary musical funk-horn group “Tower of Power” of the late 1960s and early 1970s and their original lead singer Rick Stevens.  It will will shine a spotlight on the origins of the band which emerged from the "San Francisco Sound" era, told by those who were there, including band members and managers of Sly & the Family Stone, Journey, Santana, and more. This documentary will explore the origins of the Fillmore, Bill Graham and the emergence of the "San Francisco Sound." It will explore the story of Rick Stevens, the original lead singer who was sentenced to death row in 1976 for the triple murder of his drug dealers while struggling with his addiction, as well as his redemption and parole in 2012, rejoining the group to sing his iconic hit song "You're Still A Young Man." This documentary will explore the decades as one of the only bands to continuously stay together for over 40 years, which still tours to this day. In the future, we hope to interview Bruno Mars, Herbie Hancock, and many others.

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