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1,000,000 Dalasi

David H. Wells, Mae Gammino
David H. Wells, Mae Gammino

1,000,000 Dalasi brings the viewer into the lives of Rhode Island refugees Omar Bah and Aline Binyungu Shabani. Compelled by their own traumatic resettlement in the U.S., we witness them became social entrepreneurs, creating separate organizations to serve fellow refugees. Their shared goal is to spare other refugees coming in behind them the kind of traumatic and jarring experiences they had during their resettlement in America.

Aline’s organization (Women’s Refugee Care www.womensrefugeecare.org/) is in its nascent stage fighting to move from the promise of growth to stability. Omar’s organization (The Refugee Dream Center www.refugeedreamcenter.org/), having received funding from foundations and attention from politicians and journalists, sees its existence rest on the path its leader takes. This unfolds just as Omar’s personal ambition begins to attract opportunities away from his organization. This documentary was prompted by the experience the filmmakers had when they produced the short film, Blending into the American Dream, at https://vimeo.com/148578097.

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