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8 Billion Angels

Victor Velle
Terry Spahr, Katya Alexander, Doug Emerson

Global warming, food and water shortages, catastrophic storms, extinction of species,  plant and animal habitat loss, ...the list of environmental and economic catastrophes afflicting our planet in greater frequency and severity goes on and on. If there was a simple root cause, and potentially a fundamental solution, wouldn’t you want to know?

Enter executive producer Terry Spahr and his 8 Billion Angels team to do what many in the environmental community have yet to do: connect the dots among all of the “downstream” symptoms of our global environmental crisis with their fundamental upstream cause- overpopulation. Using breath-taking photography and startling emotion to show how mankind’s incredible success, as measured in numbers and wealth, could ultimately undo us all, 8 Billion Angels refocuses the problem and provides real, effective solutions that if implemented could provide the most likely path to salvation for humans and all earth’s creatures.

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