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After the Waves

Harsha De Silva
Harsha De Silva, Chitose Noguchi

TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE SRI LANKAN TSUNAMIThe December 2004 Asian tsunami was one of the most destructive natural disasters in living memory. Within an instant, it took the lives of over 230,000 people and devastated the lives of millions. Along the eastern and southern coastlines of the small island of Sri Lanka, over 35,000 died and half a million were displaced. The powerful waves wiped out whole villages and entire communities, and washed away schools and hospitals only leaving behind their foundations.This ten-year anniversary documentary will tell the story of the incredible resilience of the Sri Lankan people, how their lives have been irreversibly changed by the devastating tsunami, and how it has shaped their realities as well as their hopes and aspirations. The story will be told primarily through the experiences of several individuals who have regained their strength to overcome the disaster themselves by giving others encouragement and inspiration to live. Their personal stories will also be windows into the positive and negative impact of the rapid influx and inevitable exodus of international assistance on these disaster-affected communities.

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