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The Age of Beauty

Valerie Dalena, Ellen Silverman
Valerie Dalena

A brave new world awaits...True stories from those finding happiness, connection and meaning in the brave new world of aging.

As millions of people flourish into their 80s, 90s and beyond, the frontiers of aging are rapidly expanding. Cutting edge research, technology and practice, along with the fierce determination of elders themselves are revolutionizing both how we age and how the aging process is perceived. We’re developing a new admiration for the physical and inner beauty, creativity, and contributions of our aging population.The periods of youth and adulthood are dedicated to mastering skills and discovering core beliefs. In later years we begin to question whether our identities should be so narrowly defined. We yearn for something more, something beyond. We seek a slower tempo, stronger connections, and deeper meaning in our lives. Thoughts about fulfillment and legacy seep into our consciousness. Rather than decline, aging becomes about growth and the willingness to take risks, whether creative, physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual. Welcome to the brave new world of aging.

With stunning visuals and a haunting original musical score, the film combines both the poetic and observational documentary styles. The voices we hear in the minimal narration are those of our subjects themselves.

Strong themes of life’s completion and completeness are tightly woven into the compelling, dramatic stories of our aging subjects. As we witness their challenges and triumphs, we gain access to their complex inner lives and formative back stories. We find ourselves drawn to them, touched by them. And we realize – a brave new world awaits us all.

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