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America's State Parks/PBS Series

David Vassar
David Vassar, Sally Kaplan

5,800 American state parks protect 12-million acres and are visited by more than three-quarters of a billion people each year - three times the annual visitation of all national parks combined. America's State Parks protect some of the nation's most iconic scenery, and much of our cultural memory in historic sites as well. Taken together, state parks safeguard the places and events that define the very essence of what it means to be an American. Without state parks, in the words of historian Kevin Starr, "we will become a nation adrift." Today, a host of environmental threats such as climate change, acid rain, sea level rise, residential and industrial development, air and water pollution, invasion by exotic species, isolation from the larger biosphere, and ever -increasing visitation pose serious threats to America's State Park. Because of the delicate flora and fauna they protect, state parks are canaries in the coalmine - a warning sign to the consequence of inaction.This primetime PBS Series will celebrate the nation's natural wonders as well as cultural chapters that inform who we are as a people. Furthermore, it is also a call to action, for we as a nation, risk losing many of the priceless places that state parks promise to protect.

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