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Angry Bill

Will McCormack
Erica Kraus, Will McCormack

ANGRY BILL is about Bill McCormack - an 80-year-old, conservative, former Marine who has always believed in decency before policy, and is so outraged at the current administration and what is happening to the moral and ethical fabric of our society, culture, and country, he can't sit idly by. In the twilight of his life, Bill believes this is the moment when we show the world who we are, and what in fact makes America great. In 2019, complacency is not an option. So Bill, in his funny, blunt and direct way, is going to try and jump in as best a citizen can to see if he can help make a difference, over the 2018 Midterms and beyond.

Barack Obama said,  “The thing that makes America a more perfect union, is ordinary people standing up and saying…’That’s not right.’”

Angry Bill is screaming it.

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