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Rick Dallago
Rick Dallago
Old photo of the quintuplets sitting in their cribs.

My documentary finds the babies from “RAISING ARIZONA,” 30 years later and examines the impact of “infant” movie stardom. Several years ago, after watching “Raising Arizona” for the 50th time, I began to wonder whatever happened to babies who portrayed the Arizona Quintuplets. For all the similarities that got them cast in the first place, one could not find a more diverse group of 32 year olds. This “control group” represents Millennials across America facing a scarce job market, an uncertain economic future, and a more violent world. Sadly, one of them [TODD BOGERS] and his best friend [CORY HOLMES] are shot & killed as a young adults, which remarkably inspires the invention of the TASER. Weird but true!