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The Best Thing For the Inside of a Marine Is the Outside of a Horse

Thomas R. Waters
Thomas R. Waters, Robert Cohencious, Nancy Frohman

"The Best Thing For The Inside of a Marine Is The Inside of a Horse" chronicles how one week's participation in the Wounded Warrior Horsemanship Program begins to change the lives of its participants as they continue to develop mind, body and spirit in their recovery. The film demonstrates how working with horses instills confidence in wounded warriors, helps them overcome self-doubt and emotional distress, and encourages them to think positively about their future.At the center of the film is one group of participants in WWHP. We follow their progress as they learn the basics of grooming, handling and just mounting a horse, to becoming confident in their ability to work with horses. It shows trials and tribulations of injured Marines as they overcome their physical and mental challenges to become proficient, and compete in the cutting horse competition in which they actually cull cattle. You become acquainted with the film's "stars" through interviews with them, their regiment leader, and their commanding officer. Battle scenes from Afghanistan and Iraq visually demonstrate the type of combat resulting in some of their injuries and health challenges, juxtaposed against the bucolic and pastoral setting of the Horsemanship Program in Virginia horse country.

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