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Borrowed Time, The Story of Maho Bay

Matt Charvoz
Jan Ruley

Maho Bay Camps, set within the US Virgin Islands National Park, has been the home to a small Eco-tourism resort since its creation in 1976. Created by New York Civil Engineer and Developer Stanley Selengut, he has been named the "Father of Sustainable Resort Development."Maho was ahead of its time, long before Eco-tourism became a buzzword and Green was simply a color, not a global movement. But Maho is living on borrowed time. With its land lease set to expire in July 2013, a movement to save Maho has taken up an urgent pace in the last couple of years. Negotiations with the landowners are at a standstill. With Maho's future in jeopardy, devout Mahonians refuse to say goodbye and are fighting to save this special place from extinction or worse, commercial development.Through their own words, we'll see the dynamic impact Maho has had on visitors, community and staff members. Their struggle to let Maho go, leads them on emotional journeys to make peace with the possibility of having to say goodbye.

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