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Burning Down the Grid

Tyson Culver
Tyson Culver, Robert Bryce, Andrew Lee

Climate change is upon us, and a global movement is underway to stave off its potentially catastrophic impact on the world in which we live. People are trying to do what’s right, and because we’ve heard all our lives that everything takes sacrifice, we're taking pains to atone. To recycle. To use less. To be more aware of our impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, anything can be capitalized, even activism.

When it comes to renewable energy, we’ve been swindled. The renewables-will-save-us religion relies on faith, not facts.

Burning Down the Grid will be a people movie. It will feature authors and advocates, experts and every-day citizens. From land-use battles and religious-branding to subsidy-mining and the consequences of overbuilds, our film will take an unabashed look at why the renewable industry isn’t the panacea it’s been made out to be.