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Joseph East
Erin Bernhardt

CLARKSTON (working title) is set in a tiny city outside of Atlanta which at first glance, seems like a typical Southern town replete with railroad crossings, family owned restaurants, churches, and schools. But look again and you’ll realize that this town is anything but typical. In Clarkston, Georgia, the sights and sounds of refugees from over 40 countries and hundreds of ethnicities collide. Clarkston is often referred to as the “Ellis Island of the South"​ or "the most diverse square mile in the world."​ It is certainly one of the most welcoming. Through intimate and interwoven character-driven stories, CLARKSTON explores the inner-workings of this unique place and exposes the innumerable obstacles its residents face. It is an astounding and inspirational story of acceptance, goodwill, enterprise, collaboration, optimism… and what it truly means to be an American.

The film is being made by an award-winning team alongside local refugees (New Americans) who are interested in filmmaking. The impact goal of the film is to demystify the refugee experience in a way that instills empathy and encourages social change.

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