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Erin Bernhardt, Din Blankenship
Erin Bernhardt, Din Blankenship

CLARKSTON is the story of four individuals who have nothing in common but a desire to feel at home in a country that seems to reject them. Three refugees and a former Klansman decide to fight for peace in a nation plagued by hostility. Set in “the most diverse square mile in America,” the film ultimately asks if the God we pray to or the candidate we vote for prevents us from being united.

We are devoted to increasing representation across ethnicity, gender, faith, and sexuality in the entertainment industry, not only in the content we create but also in the crew that we have hired. We believe that a story about the most diverse square mile in the United States should be told by a crew of similarly diverse individuals. Our Producer/Director is a woman; our DP is multiracial African American; and our Assistant Director is a woman from India. Within our small crew, we have representation from 7 different nationalities, over 14 languages are spoken, and we are a majority female team. Through our workforce development program, we have hired and trained aspiring filmmakers in the Clarkston community (many are refugees themselves) and are equipping them for careers in the booming Atlanta film industry.

CLARKSTON will have a dynamic Impact and Education Campaign highlighting the reconciliation displayed in the film. Our Campaign will enable the audience to enact their own change by expanding on the complex issues addressed in the film – and providing strategies for addressing them. Our Campaign has three primary goals:
Advocate for Human Rights for Refugees;
Combat Ideologies of Hatred; and
Promote Interfaith, Inter-ethnic, and Inter-cultural Dialogue and Collaboration.

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