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Erin Bernhardt, Joseph East
Erin Bernhardt, Din Blankenship

CLARKSTON (working title) aspires to rediscover the soul of America by examining it through the eyes of "the other."

Intimate character-driven stories lead us through a small Southern town known as the most diverse square mile in America. Clarkston, Georgia is home to people from over 150 ethnicities, many of whom were forced to flee their homelands as refugees. It's a community where a former white supremacist and a former refugee from different faiths are friends. A place where encroaching bigotry is met with baklava and peaceful protest, where tribes at war around the world find peace and reconciliation, and where U.S. veterans reconnect with the interpreters they served alongside. Clarkston (the town) proves there is much more that unites us than divides us. CLARKSTON (the film) explores how - by the power of resilience and human connection - individuals who were taught to fear and hate one another actually help mend and heal one another, through which they discover what it truly means to be American.

In addition to making a movie, the CLARKSTON team is committed to workforce development by training and hiring residents (many are refugees themselves) interested in filmmaking, and will equip them for careers in the booming Atlanta film industry. Upon release, CLARKSTON will have a dynamic impact and education campaign based on our hope that the reconciliation on display in Clarkston inspires a greater connection and understanding between all Americans.

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