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Colorblind or Blinded by Color? The State of Black Equality in America

Erma Elzy-Jones
Anthony Asadullah Samad, Erma Elzy-Jones & Pamela Bright-Moon

Racism, as overt as it's been in the past, has been cleverly disguised in modern day America as colorblindness. Colorblind means one is free from racial prejudice or oblivious to one's color. Our feature length documentary examines the evolution of the race caste system in America by proving that segregationist Jim Crow laws, disguised in modern day terms as colorblindness or race neutrality, still hinders the progress of African Americans. With facts bearing out exaggeration, we prove that inequality and systematic racism still exists in the entire social fabric of America to include: education, the legal system, media and entertainment, in health, labor, housing and economics.