Sponsored Project

Costa Rica 3D

Daniel Ferguson
S.J. Main, Derek Classen

COSTA RICA 3D will highlight Costa Rica's rich cradle of life that is home to never‐before‐seen wilderness and charismatic animals. Viewers will fly high and hike deep into Costa Rica's unexplored lands guided by some of the country's most gifted youth. The film will feature some of the country's greatest efforts in biodiversity conservation that make the country a model for the world.

SPONSORS INCLUDE: Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica, Organization for Tropical Studies, GoPro, National Biodiversity Institute

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Make a donation online. To offer sponsorships, contact the filmmaking team at Production@TicaProductions.com. We appreciate your donations in any form. If you prefer to donate by check, make it payable to: International Documentary Association (on Memo line write "Costa Rica").Mail to:International Documentary AssociationAttention: Fiscal Sponsorship Donations3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 980Los Angeles CA 90010 

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