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Crashing Through the Underbrush

Baylis Glascock
Baylis Glascock

Sam Eisenstein, LA playwright/novelist and teacher, is the subject of this project, initiated in 1971. He discusses plays with directors at the kitchen table, teaches creative writing at Los Angeles City College. His Jungian analyst examines his life. Select students become members of his Writers Group that includes 50s black-listed writer Gene Stone. Poet Paul Vangelisti comments on Sam's work, recalls Sam's play: "Letters From Adolph Hitler To His Dear Mama"; Mathematician Peter Tripodes examines the structure of Sam's writing; Literary Publisher Douglas Messerli says "Sam writes like no one else does..."; Cultural Historian Dickran Tasjhian underlines absurd and surreal elements in Sam's writing and art collection. Sam walks his dog. Dinner guests comment on sex, food, and the anxiety underlying Sam's humor. Sam reads at Hollywood's Skylight Books and the Writers Group, is astonished by the SRO first day turnout for his 2011 2011 Writers Roundtable class, his 50th year at LACC. As "the longest tenured member of the faculty" he carries the Mace in the 2011 LACC Graduation procession. Though fame has eluded him, Sam continues to write and says, like one of his fictional characters, he is "crashing through the underbrush, hoping to trip over the future."