The D-Word

  • Hosted by Doug Block, Director
  • Peter Gerard, Director
  • Erica Ginsberg, Director
  • and Marj Safinia, Director
  • In addition to the hosts, Producer
  • The D-Word has a Program Manager Julie McElmurry and volunteer Ambassadors, Producer
  • including Alix Clements, Producer
  • Carmen Vincent, Producer
  • Gordon Skinner, Producer
  • Malikkah Rollins, Producer
  • Mitch Teplitsky, Producer
  • Simone Fary, Producer
  • Susan Kaplan, Producer
  • , Producer
  • and Veronique Doumbe. , Producer

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About the Project

Founded in 1999, The D-Word has grown to become an essential peer-to-peer global community that creates a sense of belonging for nearly 20,000 documentary professionals from 152 countries. Through its online and offline programs, The D-Word provides spaces for professional development, information sharing and relationship building, working towards greater sustainability and improved mental health for documentary professionals.

Best known for its free online discussion forum ( on all aspects of documentary filmmaking (fundraising, production, camera, sound, distribution, legal and more), The D-Word is aimed at building relationships online that carry into the offline world, including physical and virtual meet-ups, peer collaborations, and partnerships to offer round-ups of pitching forums and other industry events, peer feedback on works-in-progress, and a commitment to opening conversations about mental health among the documentary community.

In April 2020, The D-Word launched a new series of weekly virtual meet-ups that have become a vital source of connection and knowledge exchange for many in our community.

While The D-Word is free to join and managed entirely by volunteers, funding supports the upkeep and upgrades of the website, the cost of virtual meeting services, future program development, and outreach.