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Daughters of Destiny

Vanessa Roth
Devorah Palladino, Vanessa Roth

Daughters of Destiny  - The Journey of Shanti Bhavan is a 4 part Netflix Original Docu-Series that chronicles the lives of five girls from Indian families who are among the so-called "untouchable" or “Dalit” caste and most impoverished communities in the world. The series witnesses the girls grow up  (ranging in age from 7 to 23 over the course of the 4 hours) while they are raised at Shanti Bhavan, a unique co-ed residential school in Tamil Nadu.  The expectation for these girls and all the children who attend Shanti Bhavan is that they must grow up to support themselves, lift their families and communities out of poverty and contribute to the larger world. The series, by Academy Award winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth and an original music score by Academy Award and Emmy winning Composer, A.R Rahman, brings us through their lives as they struggle and strive to define themselves, re-define gender and class, and create a new future for the generations that will come after them.

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