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The Debra Hill Documentary

Dpyx (Marcy Boyle, Rachel Holzman)
Dpyx (Marcy Boyle, Rachel Holzman)

The Debra Hill Documentary explores the life and career of the legendary film producer. Hill began her career in the 1970s, and after the extraordinary success of her first production, HALLOWEEN (co-written with director John Carpenter), she became a key player in a wave of trailblazing women who broke barriers in the male-dominated film industry. Hill produced pictures in all genres, which received both critical acclaim (THE FISHER KING, with producing partner, Lynda Obst) and cult followings (HALLOWEEN, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, CLUE). She also became a mentor to many current film industry heavyweights.

This will be the first documentary about Debra Hill, the "godmother of indie filmmaking." By telling her story, and showing the living legacy that continues today through the men and women who came up in the industry under her wing, we will be preserving an important piece of the empowering history of women in Hollywood.

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