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Dislecksia: The Movie

Harvey Hubbell V
Eric Gardner, Harvey Hubbell V

About one American in seven has some degree of dyslexia. It's a condition that makes it hard to learn to read the same way other people do. With some special techniques, taught or self-invented, most dyslexics can learn to function normally. And a lot of dyslexics are brilliant, talented, and successful. In the comic documentary Dislecksia: The Movie, dyslexic director Harvey Hubbell V �" with assistance from several dyslexic crew members �" will present the latest scientific knowledge about dyslexia and the experiences of dyslexics. Viewers will come to know dyslexics �" and those who teach them and study them �" not just as statistics or talking heads but as people. And they'll know a lot about dyslexia: its causes, its effects, and what can be done about it.

Dislecksia will give viewers a better understanding of the condition. It will also give dyslexics and their families hope �" as well as a crash course in how to keep smiling.

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