Sponsored Project

DOG WALK HOME: Reuniting Veterans and Their Families

Wynn Padula, Vicki Topaz
Vicki Topaz, Producer; Michael Collins, Executive Producer, Vishal Solanki, Associate Producer
A brown service dog is walking in a grocery store with its owner.

When three veteran families struggling with PTSD and secondary trauma lose all hope, service dogs help them heal and imagine the possible.

DOG WALK HOME reveals the power of the human-canine bond as it comes alive in a story about service dogs that transform the lives of veterans and their families living with post-traumatic stress. We see how service dogs are woven tightly into the fabric of everyday life. Themes emerge on why these veterans suffer from PTSD, how secondary trauma impacts family members, and how their service dogs help them heal. Their stories are augmented by expert advisors who shed light on the science of the human-animal bond and the unique training of service dogs. (In post-production.)

This project is made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities (www.calhum.org). The film is also supported by the Yellow Chair Foundation.