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Down With Clowns

Nick Schlyer
Nick Schlyer

The Clown is one of the oldest archetypes in human culture. They have kept us laughing and prevented us from taking ourselves too seriously for centuries. In the past 100 years, in American culture, a strange new type of clown has emerged from the shadows, a character called the Killer Clown.Down with Clowns will provide historical context on clowning and tell the story of the birth of the Killer Clown type. The viewer will meet working clowns, professed Killer Clowns and people who cannot stand the sight of a clown. Noted performance scholars and cultural icons in the world of clowning will share their experience and personal opinions on why Killer Clowns have come into popular culture. The viewer will be left to answer the question: in a world of constant bombardment by images of violence, is there room for the innocence of the clown, or has the Killer Clown permanently taken its place?

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