On the Edge of Tomorrow

  • Thomas Piper, Director
  • William Versaci, Producer

The columns of a modern white stone building
Image ID: The columns of a modern white stone building

About the Project

ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW is the final episode chronologically but first to be produced of a television documentary series about American architecture. STONE TO STEEL is the story of extraordinary people and the landmark buildings they created in Southern California.

Southern California has always considered itself a place apart. A haven for exiles from America in search of opportunity, health and reinvention. Starting in the 1910's and 20's, it became a laboratory for modern living.

Migrants, foreign exiles, independent women, social reformers, political radicals and avant garde artists made a vibrant SOCIAL CULTURE. Financial prosperity, a mild climate and inexpensive land created an ENVIRONMENT that enabled new ways of living. Clean industries developed advanced TECHNOLOGY, new materials and efficient production methods that encouraged innovation.

Modern ARCHITECTS experimented with fresh approaches to the design and production of housing. Their unconventional CLIENTS expected their houses to reflect their revolutionary ideals and healthy lifestyles.

Today's harsh realities have tarnished the idealism of these early Modernists. But their VISION continues to shape our modern identity and aspirations.