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Epicenter: The LA Art Scene Comes of Age

Pat Becker
Pat Becker, Andrew William Chan, Paul Stone

What could be exciting about contemporary art? The answer is a whole lot. There is a cultural revolution taking place in LA and contemporary art is leading the charge. EPICENTER: The LA Art Scene Comes of Age, shines a spotlight on the cultural richness of Los Angeles by following a group of high-profile contemporary visual artists who incorporate into their work a dedication to community and society. They align themselves with programs and issues as diverse as neighborhood redevelopment, urban revitalization, community and youth education, immigration and the environment. And they are changing minds, communities and hearts.

But the real star here is Los Angeles, whose many concerned individuals, organizations and industries band together in support of a unique creative underpinning that enables artists of all stripes to thrive. LA's creative economy is proving that the arts are indeed making a measurable difference and positioning the city as a leading global center.

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