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Evil is Back

Maurice Chayut
Maurice Chayut

Seventy years after the nightmare of the holocaust ended, anti-Semitism is back and kicking in Europe. For the holocaust survivors it is a reminder of the 1930s, for their children it is a new phenomena that frightens them.In this documentary we will concentrate on the roots and causes of this phenomenon in Europe. We will look at the old anti-Semitism that is rising again in Europe: in Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.We will discover the new anti-Semitism, which comes from the children of the guest workers who came to rebuild Europe after the Second World War.As history showed us, at a certain point the process cannot be reversed. The dramatic increase in the number and severity of anti-Semitic events may indicate that we are near the point of no return. This film, through personal stories of the victims and perpetrator, will provide a comprehensive visual understanding of the cause, nature and danger of this new wave of anti-Semitism in Europe.How do Holocaust survivors feels today in Europe when they see anti-Semitism is rising again and the promise of never again is broken daily?Do Jews have a future in Europe or it is time to pack and move as some say?

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