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Antoine Arditti
Antoine Arditti

A major earthquake threatens to strike the West Coast at any given moment. According to scientists, the southern part of the San Andreas Fault is «locked, loaded and ready to roll».

California is a symbol of progress and technological innovation. Ironically, earthquakes represent the inevitable hand of destiny and the anxiety that comes with a stark lack of control of this ultra modern society.

The Big One will be treated as a dangerous suspect on the run and our job is to put together the profile. We will question scientists, experts and victims as "profilers" to establish a behavioral analysis of the Big One. We will discover that earthquakes are not the real archenemies. Earthquakes or fault lines do not kill; human faults do. Man must learn to coexist with the forces of Nature. 

Earth is constantly changing its face. As destructive as they can be, earthquakes remind us that our planet is alive. They are devastating and also, paradoxically, at the source of life itself.

Faults will captivate the viewer with a quest narrative, turning an apparent local topic into a global reflection about Mankind's relationship with Nature.

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