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Fed Up

Stephanie Soechtig

Since our government passed its' very first set of dietary guidelines in 1977 the American public has been advised to eat the things that benefit corporate interests rather than the public health. Decades later our children are paying the price, suffering from epidemic numbers of health problems previously reserved for the elderly.The Big Picture will track the evolution of the obesity epidemic and follow the story of how the most basic questions of what to eat - low fat, low carb, the food pyramid, Atkins, The Zone, processed food, raw food, good fat, bad fat - ever got so complicated and what it reveals about the imperatives of the food industry, science and our government. As we look back on the evolution of our food system we begin to see just how far we have strayed from the roots of basic nutrition.The gateway to all this information will be through a group of 5 children in various parts of the country that we will follow over the course of several months. We'll introduce you to the children born out of a system that favors quantity over quality, corporate wealth over children's health, and corruption over justice.In a country where the government subsidizes high fructose corn syrup and "independent" agencies like the American Academy of Pediatrics are financed by Coke, who can we turn to tell us what we are supposed to eat?

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