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Fight for the First

Sharon Liese
Sharon Liese and Samantha Hake

FIGHT FOR THE FIRST begins as fledgling reporters at the Columbia Missourian earnestly rush to report unprecedented student protests on campus and gain access to the guarded Governor. Animosity mounts as doors are slammed shut, human walls are formed, and chants for reporters to “go home!” build. These young journalists fight for their constitutional right to report the truth at a local level, while on a national scale, CBS Chief White House Correspondent and Missourian alum Major Garrett prepares for his own battle at the White House with then Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Garrett adds credibility and a veteran perspective to the obstacles these student journalists encounter: is there a difference between protesters brushing aside the media and paid officials doing the same? Reporters are faced with attacks wherever they turn, but hope can be found in young journalists, whose passion for reporting the truth fuels their fight for the First Amendment.

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