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The Give Black Foundation

Kim Webb Palacios

Our Mission
The mission of The Give Black Foundation is to leverage technology and new media toward facilitating, invigorating, and telling the story of black philanthropy.  

Black Philanthropy in Crisis
With the end of segregation in 1964 came shifts in black philanthropy.  Waves of African-Americans moved away from black neighborhoods, left black churches, and spent days in integrated schools and workplaces, fraying their ties to black communities and traditional philanthropic channels.  Giving within the black community has become increasingly complex.  Though philanthropic traditions endure, the types of organizations supported by African-Americans is changing. For those who have become disconnected from black communities, the path to “giving black” may be unclear.

2016 Media Project: The Black Charity Finder
This online database will allow users to do advanced searches for charitable organizations that fit their issues-based giving preferences AND that have been pre-selected for focus on black communities. No mainstream charity finder currently allows searchers to sort by beneficiary.  

2017 Film Project: “Charity Begins at Home: The Story of Black Philanthropy”
This feature-length documentary will illuminate the untold history of black philanthropy, challenging beliefs about African-Americans as benefactors vs. beneficiaries, and framing threats and opportunities related to the future of black giving.

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