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Handmade: Turning Art Into Enterprise

David Linstrom
Polly Ahrendts, David Linstrom

Handmade: Turning Art Into Enterprise is a documentary project of StoryCatcher, LLC. We seek to inspire millions of people to connect and identify with Living Artists and Artisan communities worldwide, highlighting the role of Handmade Living Art as a means of empowerment, sustainable economic development, and as an expression of a way of life.We are fundraising to develop an episodic television series for PBS that will tell compelling stories of transformation and empowerment of Artisans (on location primarily in the developing world) who create beautiful products for the international marketplace. Raising awareness can connect artists with distribution opportunities through the direct action of conscious consumerism.We envision a world where everyone can succeed by achieving social, economic, political, and cultural parity.We are unique because we have excellent connections worldwide with Artisan communities and cultural representatives. We have a deep and abiding commitment to telling these stories in the voices of the artisans and to the beauty and the aesthetic of daily life within these communities. StoryCatcher, LLC offers National Geographic experience, which brings quality production and technical skills for shooting in remote locations, a premiere advisory panel, and 25 years of business acumen.We sincerely appreciate your support.

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