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Hands That Feed

Matthew Caton
Matthew Caton, Anne-Christine D'adesky

Hands That Feed is the story of Haitian individuals struggling for a self-sustainable country, a struggle that holds lessons for the entire world. The hands that feed are the politicians, community leaders, and farmers working for food security in Haiti who try to harness the opportunity of reconstruction and influence international policy towards restoring Haiti's former agricultural wealth.

Hands That Feed tells the neglected story of Haiti's decline while framing it in the important tale of how it can rebuild its agricultural heritage and the country. Hands That Feed follows the struggles of individuals at every level of the effort. We witness a farmer working with an NGO and labor cooperative to learn new techniques. We follow a motivated young agronomist struggling to create economic opportunity for the local community while dealing with logistic and political wills that are far from his reach. In Port-au-Prince we witness the larger political wills at play while watching a leader of peasant organizations fight for funding, for opportunities to make a larger impact, and for a role in the rebuilding of his country. Through these characters, we witness a formerly tragic land step into opportunity, attempt to break from old models, and write a new model of economic development in front of the camera.

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