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Hear Our Teachers

Laurie Gabriel
Laurie Gabriel, Ethan Gabriel

Our nation's schools have been taken hostage. The marriage between profiteers and politicians does not belong in our classrooms. Billions of tax dollars are wasted on an ever-changing menu of unresearched curriculum and assessments created to make the suppliers richer. The experts (teachers) are already on salary, but silencing and discrediting them has been part of the agenda.We CAN heal our schools; we just have to turn to the right people for the answers. Hear the dangers of giving control to those with little-to-no classroom experience. Hear the solutions from those in the know. HEAR OUR TEACHERS.Hear Our Teachers was written and directed by Laurie Gabriel, a teaching veteran whose classroom was stolen from her over three decades. The film features stories of teachers across the country with commentary by Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, John Kuhn, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Jose Luis Vilson, and an appearance by Matt Damon.

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