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HEARING VOICES: Modulating a Revolution

Michael James Kacey
Dave Sanford (Producer), Mandisa Henry (Co-Producer), Penny Edmiston (Consulting Producer)

Has media consolidation made us less informed? Has it turned us an angry, divided nation? Or are we giving mass media too much of the blame for our own ambivalence as passive citizens? Broadcasters, for over half a century, were required to serve the public interest—defined as promoting localism, diversity, and competition—in order to keep their licenses; then, in 1981, that requirement was gutted.

Hearing Voices throws the spotlight on voices allowed and voices denied, probing the connection between serving the public interest, or lack thereof, and the current state of our polarized society.

Media experts and broadcasting veterans help unravel questions of danger lurking in the air. A forgotten story, never before told on film, unfolds with alarming relevance. Recent media consolidation has drastically limited voices and points of view on both radio and television. Will the Internet be next? More importantly, do we really care?