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House Of Fire

Mikal Jakubal, Penelope Andrews
Penelope Andrews, Mikal Jakubal

Can the man once called "the nation's number one domestic terror threat" reform his life to become a good father? In 1996, Jake Ferguson started the Earth Liberation Front, the underground eco-sabotage group that committed a wave of high-profile eco-arsons across the West through 2001. Raised with his father in prison, Jake had promised to spare his own son the same fate. But, by 2004, fearing prison as the FBI closed in, Jake faced an impossible choice: loyalty to his son or loyalty to his friends? His decision to cooperate with law enforcement put his comrades behind bars in exchange for his own freedom. Now, can he truly break the cycle of his past to be the good father he promised? The House Of Fire takes an intimate look inside the ELF through the eyes of Jake, his co-conspirator Chelsea Gerlach and FBI Special Agent John Ferreira.