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This Is The House Where I Learned Not To Sleep

Anne de Mare, Kirsten Kelly
Anne de Mare, Kirsten Kelly, Andrew W. Schwertfeger, Erin Sorenson

A former Nashville cop and childhood domestic violence survivor works to shatter the culture of violence and silence that surrounds crimes against women in America. The film asks how men and boys can recover from household trauma to break the cycle of abuse. Why does one male victim become a perpetrator and another a crusader to stop the violence?

Mark Wynn is a former Nashville cop and childhood survivor of domestic violence who has dedicated his life to engaging men as crucial partners in stopping violence against women. For 11 years as a child, Mark hid from both his stepfather and the cops when they showed up at the front door. Then for 21 years as a decorated Nashville Police Officer who started the first ever dedicated Domestic Violence response unit in America, he was the cop who showed up. This dual perspective gives Mark powerful insight; “I lived with a monster, I know how this works,” he says, “I’ve been on both sides of that door.”

This Is The House... explores the intimate stories of men and boys who were witness to acts of violence against women through the traumatic, often fatal experiences of their mothers, sisters and daughters. These deeply personal journeys -- coming face to face with anger, guilt, grief and recovery -- bring a seldom-heard perspective to violence against women and in the household, challenging society’s silent acceptance of household violence and the cultural cycle of male violence against women. Bringing together the Producers, Impact Producers and Filmmakers from The Homestretch, Audrey & Daisy, Private Violence and Bully, this project brings a unique depth to the next film challenging perceptions of violence against women. Supported, in part, by Cindy Waitt and The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention and the Nathan Cummings Foundation by way of Jane Saks.

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