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I Clown You

Sasha Kapustina, Maria Tishkova
Sasha Kapustina, Maria Tishkova

“I Clown You” explores clowning as the art of playfully challenging the norm and special meaning it has in hospitals in one of the most intense places on Earth - Israel.

Medical clowns are proper clowns who have received special training and work in hospitals as part of the medical staff. They don’t do shticks. Their work is a non-stop improvisation: they roam the halls of hospitals and engage with whatever they encounter. Whether it’s a child in the middle of a painful procedure, or a dying patient in the throes of their final days – the clown is there. Medical clowns’ work has an extra layer of meaning in Israel, a country torn apart by deep religious and cultural divides. Hospitals here have taken on an additional role – they’ve become places of peace that bring people together. Everyone is equal, leveled by the fear and suffering.

Clowns have the power to challenge the boundaries of what’s socially permissible. They bridge the opposites by making human connections. They invite us not to take ourselves too seriously, step out of our comfort zone and give the status quo another look. And sometimes that’s all we need.

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