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I TEACH: Voices of Public School Teachers

Denise Agard
Denise Agard, Mark Hutson

To improve American public schools, we must clearly define the issues impacting the quality of education. Yet, oftentimes teachers, the people who have the most intimate knowledge of the issues, are excluded from the conversation. This exclusion is causing us to ignore issues that would help improve our public schools. As a result, the real losers in all of this are America's school children.I TEACH - Voices of Public School Teachers focuses on the stories of nine teachers, with almost 200 years of collective teaching experience. The film offers insight into issues that are often ignored in the larger debate on education (i.e. how students and parents have changed over the years, the level of support new teachers need, how teachers feel about teacher evaluation). The audience will also gain insight into the passion that motivates people to teach and reasons teachers choose to leave the profession.As a former public school teacher and guidance counselor, I believe this documentary can be used as a springboard for discussion and have a positive impact on improving the quality of education in our schools. Please donate and help us complete this passion and a labor of love.