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I'll Fly Away

Kaveh Taherian
Kaveh Taherian

In the midst of the Iran-Iraq war in 1983, combat pilot Nasser Aliabadi went AWOL by stealing an Iranian Navy helicopter and escaped to America. Nine months later, he was finally able to bring his wife and daughter to California, only to face the emotional fallout of having abandoned his family. I'LL FLY AWAY explores in depth this amazing journey and shows the cyclical nature of life in both the political and personal realms as Nasser confronts the emotional consequences of his escape on his loved ones. A character-driven film, the story reveals the gradual and difficult process that all immigrants must face of realizing that they will never be able to return to their homeland. Nasser and his wife Soheila do their best to assimilate to living in the United States however their burden is placed on their children as first-generation Americans to uphold Iranian tradition, but also carve out a piece of the country for themselves.

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