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Imitating Life - The Audacity of Suzanne Heintz

Karen Whitehead
Katherine Wilkins De Francis, Karen Whitehead

Unprecedented access into the riveting world of a courageous artist provocateur, who creates a mannequin family results in a raw, funny and intimate portrait of life through her lens. "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" meets "Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters."

"Imitating Life – the audacity of Suzanne Heinz" is about a ‘loud-mouthed’ girl from Yonkers, and her strange and entertaining photographic crusade to change minds about women’s roles observed over more than 15 years. Weaving candid and humorous backstage footage, with video diaries and archival material, the entire process and struggles inside Heintz’s pursuit of her life’s work is laid bare in an intimate portrait of an artist, blurring the lines between art and life. As social media catapults interest in her mannequin-aided portraits of womanhood and perfect family bliss, Heintz’s resilience is put to the test by real life challenges in her fight to harness her viral influence and produce more ‘art for good’. "Imitating Life" unfolds as Heintz races to triumph in art, identity and survival.