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Iran: Beyond the Axis of Evil and Great Satan

Ahou Yazmine
Ahou Yazmine

From famous allies to archenemies, the story of modern relations between the United States and Iran is a fascinating journey between two epic characters. This epic, however, has become a caricature-like war between cowboys and mullahs, which has left behind a lost humanity in over 30 years of hostilities.The human rights crisis in Iran was not witnessed on a global scale until the June 2009 post-election uprising in a movement led by millions of hopeful, idealistic youth who astonished western audiences as the savvy pioneers of the Facebook and Twitter revolutions. A revolution captivating the world stage for its few short-lived weeks in the enthralled public eye. Yet shouts for democracy have become screams in underground torture chambers, drowning out the free-spirited cries for freedom in pools of blood and silenced hangings no longer covered in mainstream media.In the wake of the 2009 uprising, talks of war and diplomacy with Iran continue to fluctuate over its nuclear program. Beyond the Axis of Evil & the Great Satan dispels the myths and inflamed rhetoric that perpetuates a polarized debate. It presents us with an alternative to force or enablement-giving prominence to the echoes of internal dissent.

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