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Jack Garfein, The Wild One

Tessa Louise-Salomé
Tessa Louise-Salomé, Solveig Rawas, Octavia Peissel

Holocaust survivor. Hollywood darling. Uncompromising stage and screen director. Misfit. Maverick. Exile. Jack Garfein has lived many lives and has inhabited many worlds. From his native Carpathian mountains, to New York where he taught and directed the biggest stars, to Los Angeles where he charmed and then defied the gatekeepers, to Paris, where he now lives, Garfein has been on a relentless quest for authentic artistic expression at all cost. In this creative and technically innovative cinematic inquiry into Garfein’s body of work, two of his exceptional yet forgotten films will be brought to light. The film promises to take a viewer on a fantastic journey through the life of a man who, at the crossroads between playing nice and staying true to himself, rejected the allure of the golden cage, and instead chose to live free.

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