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The Jacques Bolsey Project

Alyssa Bolsey
Camilo Lara, Jr.

"Beyond the Bolex" AKA "The Jacques Bolsey Project" is currently in post-production. We are so close! We need your help to bring the story of this little known renaissance man to the world, so that it can serve as an inspiration for the inventors, builders and thinkers of tomorrow. Alyssa Bolsey, Jacques Bolsey's great-granddaughter has spent years uncovering the story of the man who invented the Bolex (1927), the camera that brought motion-picture photography to the masses. In the process, she discovered that the Bolex was only the smaller part of it, and that this man was on a mission to change the world around us.

If you believe this is a story the world needs, please help us make it happen with a tax deductible donation.