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Jews and Patriots: in the American Civil War

Peter Kovacs aka "Rosenbluth"
Peter Zachmann

The documentary will tell the story of the forgotten Jewish immigrants who fought in the Union army as volunteers during the Civil War. Not only on the battlefield but they also contributed to human values and took their part in the building of today's America.

When the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 was crushed the Jews, who participated had no other choice but to leave Hungary.
People do not know that the Jewish volunteers played a key role in the Union's victory but there's a demand from the American public to find out more. Our heroes were almost all veterans of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and many also fought in the Italian War of Independence. As experienced veterans they brought significant military experience to the US at a time when the Union army was desperately in need of skilled officers.

Our documentary will be the first to unveil this chapter of the Civil War. You will learn about General Knefler, General Stahel, General Mundee, Colonel Utassy, August Bondi and even about the adventure of the famous Joseph Pulitzer. When the war ended our heroes kept shaping the American culture in the civilian life. This feature film will tell you the most fascinating civil war stories you could not imagine before.

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