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Jews and Patriots: in the American Civil War

Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth
Peter Zachmann

The documentary will tell the story of the forgotten Jewish freedom fighters of 1848 who became Heroes of the American Civil War. These Jewish immigrants mainly from Hungary (and others from Germany, Austria) fought overwhelmingly in the Union army during the Civil War. Not only on the battlefield but they also contributed to human values and took their part in the building of today’s America.
This is an untold part of the Jewish history that emphasis on the Jewish contribution to the Union’s victory and highlights the role of the Jews in the fight against slavery.
Not many know that Jewish 48’ers were one of the reasons of the North’s victory and names such as Joseph Pulitzer, Frederick Knefler and August Bondi who fought alongside John Brown in Kansas will appear in this movie.
Jewish documentaries which unveil heroic moments of our history and can make a change are needed at a time when antisemitism is on the rise and when Jews are accused of being the cause of slavery.

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