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Clementine Malpas
Sam French, Leslie Knott

Can women truly be free in a society that imprisons them for being raped?

In-Justice shines a spotlight on the impossible choices Afghan women face in a society that keeps them locked in bonds of tradition by presenting an intimate portrait of two heroic women, Gulnaz and Farida, fighting for their freedom after being imprisoned for supposed “moral” crimes by an uncaring, male dominated justice system.

Raped by her Uncle on the kitchen floor, 19 year old Gulnaz was thrown into prison for her dishonor. After President Karzai granted her an unprecedented pardon, she now faces a terrible choice: to seek asylum abroad or marry the man who raped her to regain her honor in society.

Fearing for her life after suffering terrible physical abuse at the hands of her husband, Farida fled to safety with the man she loved, but the pair were captured and thrown into prison for adultery. Facing a justice system that assumes she is guilty and a society that treats women like property, Farida’s only chance is to convince her husband to grant her a divorce. Will she and her lover find a future free from fear or will Farida’s story end like that of so many other women forced to submit to the honor of men?

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When you donate, you are showing that you care about women’s rights. Every day, girls are being raped, sold and imprisoned. You and I have the power to shine a light on their struggle for justice. If we don’t fight for these women, no one else will.

Your donation will enable us to:

  • Return to Afghanistan to complete the final stages of filming.
  • Bring more voices into the film to include the current conversation about women’s rights.
  • Complete postproduction, including editing, sound design, score, and color correction.
  • Market the film and get it out in the world!
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