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Paul Traynor
T. Rafael Cimino, Paul Traynor
Kaleidoscope is written in rainbow.

A suburban dad is sucked into controversy at a local high school, leading him to question the foundations of the American public education system, and come to terms with some hard realizations about his own educational experience.

His search for answers leads him not only into a national exploration of the current educational system.-- but also back into his past to examine the role that racial and class dynamics played in his own education. Along the way he meets with a variety of educators & experts who are developing new ways to approach public education.

The school choice movement is expanding, and American views on education evolving. Will this newly fragmented and fractured public education system will split our children further apart based on color and class... or will the new educational paradigm bring the country together in a Kaleidoscope of unique and interwoven patterns?