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Kalinsky: The Art of Influence

J.M. Kenny
J.M. Kenny, Scott Devine, Charlie Pignone

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then George Kalinsky would be the Shakespeare of the shutter. For over a half century Kalinksy has been capturing extraordinary moments in time as the official photographer for Madison Square Garden. His classic photos have been seen by anyone who has picked up a newspaper, magazine or turned on a TV in the last fifty years.

Muhammad Ali. Frank Sinatra. The Dalai Lama. Michael Jordan. President Bush (both of them). The Beatles. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Elvis. Pope John Paul II. This is just scratching the surface (or film emulsion, if you will) of history’s great figures who have been centered in Kalinsky’s viewfinder.  

Anyone can take a picture. Kalinksy sought intimacy. He became far more than a chronicler to most of his subjects. He became a friend. At times a conscience. And for some a confidant. With this in mind comes a feature length documentary project that will train the lens on George Kalinsky himself… his life, his work, his relationships and the culture he influences.


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