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Keith Haring: Untitled Documentary

David Hausen
Rocky Ziegler, David Hausen

New York City, February 2007 a 7x7 meter, 60-ton wall featuring a mural by legendary pop artist Keith Haring is about to be destroyed. Not because of any political or legal controversy, but because it resides in a Boy's Club on the lower east side of Manhattan that is slated for demolition.
Just as Pop art helped to diminish the gap between "high art" and "low art" Keith Haring: Untitled Documentary aims to bridge the gap between the "experts" and the average person. While Haring's work is a unifying thread in the film, the subject is not the artist, but the individuals who worked to save his art. The film also explores the complicated life of art intended to exist in public spaces. Unconfined to museums or private collections, Haring's mural is subject to the same dangers and rewards of any work of art built to live among the people.